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Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(S): The Hydrosphere and Socioeconomics in Modern Asia - Exploring a New Regional History Using a Database and Spatial Analysis

難波ちづる / Chizuru Namba

Keio University, Department of Economics, Lecturer

Research interests in this project

As a scholar of the history of French colonial governance of Indochina, Namba is interested in the colonial power’s perceptions and policies over natural environment.

Field of research

Namba has published both in French and in Japanese, including Français et Japonais en Indochine(1940-1945) : Colonisation, propagande et rivalité culturelle, Paris, Karthala, 2012; and “Hongoku kara sokoku he: Sengo furansu no indoshina fukki to zaifutsu betonamujin rōdōsha sōkan mondai nit suite” (Home country to mother country: Pre-war return of French to Indochina and sending home of Vietnamese laborers in France) Mita gakkai zasshi 108-2, 2015.


B.A. (1995) from Keio University.  Ph.D. (History, 2006) from Lumiere Lyon 2 University.  Before teaching at Keiyo University, Namba was post-doc fellow of Japanese Society of Promotion of Sciences (2006-2008).

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