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Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(S): The Hydrosphere and Socioeconomics in Modern Asia - Exploring a New Regional History Using a Database and Spatial Analysis


小川 道大 / Michiriho Ogawa

The University of Tokyo, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, Associate Professor

Research interests in this project

Ogawa examines the impacts of the scarcity of water on the society in Deccan Plateau in India. He is currently reconsidering the great famine (1876-1877) during the colonial period in terms of the problem of water in the region.

Field of research

Ogawa, a scholar of socio-economic history of India, has examined transformation of the rural society in western India under colonization. His works include “A Study of the Activities of Merchants and Artisans in Western India in the Late Eighteenth and the Early Nineteenth Centuries: The Analysis of the Government Documents on Tax Payment under the Marathas” in Collective and Connectedness in Pre-modern South Asian Society (2017), p.137 -163 and “Trade Network in Indapur Pargana under the Marathas” in Dusan Deak and Daniel Jasper eds. Rethinking Western India, The Changing Contexts of Culture, Society and Religion, Orient BlackSwan: New Delhi, 2014. Ogawa analyzes colonization in the long-term historical transformation by examining the archives in the local language on the rural society and commerce.


B.A. (2004) and M.A. (2006) from the University of Tokyo. Ph.D. (2013, History) from Pune University. Prior to the current position at the University of Tokyo, Ogawa taught at Kanazawa University as Associate Professor since 2016 and also served as research fellow at Institute of Developing Economies. He joined the University of Tokyo in April, 2021.

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