• 20211.23Sat

    International Workshop “Rain, Rivers, and Rice in Modern Asia”

Date January 23, 2021
Venue Online
9:00-9:10 Tomoko Shiroyama “About the Project”
9:10-10:00 Session1 “Meteorology meets History”
Jun Matsumoto (Tokyo Metropolitan University) “Part I: Data rescue of climate data before the WWII in the Asian monsoon region”

“Part II. Rainfall, floods and rice production over the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna River Basin after the 1950s”

Hiroshi Takahashi (Tokyo Metropolitan University) “Reproducibility of a century-long atmospheric re-analysis data in the tropics”
10:00-10:10 Break
10:10-11:10 Session 2 “Rice Economies in Monsoon Asia: Cases from Vietnam”
Masahiro Ikeda (Okayama Shoka University) “A Preliminary Survey on Topography and Provincial Rice Production in Early 20th Century Southern Vietnam”
Rui Takahashi (Tokai University) “Structural Change of the Rice Market in Vietnam: Focusing on Export and Internal Trade in the 1920s”
11:10-11:20 Break
11:20-12:00 David Biggs (University of California, Riverside) Mark Henderson (Mills College) Comments followed by Discussion


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