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    XIX World Economic History Congress 2022-Paris, 25-29 July

Our project members have organized the session “Realms of Water: Environmental Socioeconomics of the Hydrosphere of Modern Asia” and presented papers at XIX World Economic History Congress 2022 in Paris.

  • Date&Time: July 26th Tue., 2022, 9:00-12:30 (Time in France)
  • Session: “Realms of Water: Environmental Socioeconomics of the Hydrosphere of Modern Asia”
  • Organizer: Tomoko Shiroyama(The University of Tokyo), Sayako Kanda(Keio University)
  • Chair: Dr. Seshan Radhika
  • Discussant: Kenneth Pomeranz(The University of Chicago), Sunil Amrith(Yale University),
    Peter Coclanis(The University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
  • Papers:
    Revisiting the Great Famine (1876–1878) in the Krishna River Basin in India from a meteorological perspective
    Michihiro Ogawa(The University of Tokyo), Seemanta Bhagabati(Thames Water Utilities Limited)Water Circulation System of Yangzi River: From a Perspective of Chinese Maritime Customs Records
    Takeshi Hamashita(The Oriental Library), Chang Liu(The University of Tokyo)Bengal Rice and the Great Famine of 1876–78 in India
    Sayako Kanda(Keio University)Divisions and Connections between Hydrosphere: Modern Singapore’s rice trade
    Atsushi Kobayashi(Kyoto University)Rainfall and Rice Harvest in Thailand in the early 20th Century: An Analysis of Thai Rice Crisis from 1919 to 1921
    Toshiyuki Miyata(Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)Multidirectional rice trade and the stability of southern China’s food supply during the modern period: The case of the Pearl River Delta
    Ei Murakami(Kyoto University)Impact of Meteorological Changes on Rice Market Efficiency: Evidence from Southern Vietnam in the Early Twentieth Century
    Rui Takahashi(Tokai University), Masahiro Ikeda(Okayama Shoka University)Transforming River Transportation in Colonial Eastern Myanmar, from Open Riverine Access to Closed Overland Systems
    Michael Charney(SOAS, University of London)The 1931 Yangzi River Flood: Spatiotemporal Analysis of the Natural Hazard and the Socioeconomic Impacts
    Tomoko Shiroyama(The University of Tokyo), Chang Liu(The University of Tokyo)

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