This project comprises of two research units, historical database unit for historians and spatial analysis unit for hydrologists and meteorologists.

村上 衛 / Ei Murakami

Kyoto University, Institute of Humanities, Associate Professor

村上 衛 / Ei Murakami

Research interests in this project

Murakami examines trade, shipping, and agriculture in West River basin in south China with reference to the rainfall and the water level of the river.

Field of research

Murakami is a scholar of modern Chinese socio-economic history. His research on the maritime history of the 19th to 20th century southern Fujian province, examining trade, migrants, war, pirates, and shipwreck, has been published as Umi no kindai chūgoku: Fukken jin no katsudō to igirisu shinchō (Maritime modern China: Activities of Fujian people’s activities, Qing court, and Britain), Nagoyadaigaku shuppankai, 2013 in Japanese and as Haiyanshi shang de jindai zhongguo: Fujianren de huodong yu yinguo, Qingchao de yinying in Chinese. Murakami’s current project focuses on the domestic commerce, such as trade and shipping in West River basin as well as wool trade in north China.


Murakami received Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo (Literature). Prior to his current position at Kyoto University, he served as assistant at Institute of Humanities, Kyoto University, and associate professor at Graduate School of International Social Science, Yokohama National University.

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