This project comprises of two research units, historical database unit for historians and spatial analysis unit for hydrologists and meteorologists.

高橋 塁 / Rui Takahashi

Tokai University, School of Political Science and Economics, Professor

高橋 塁 / Rui Takahashi

Research interests in this project

Takahashi is forming the long-term time series of climate (temperature, rainfall), trade (import/export of agricultural products), and agriculture (rice production, ratio among plantation of products) so that he can apply quantitative analysis to them to explore their causal relations.

Field of research

Takahashi has published extensively on the history and the economy of Vietnam, including “Kōchishina seimaigyō ni okeru kindai gijutsuno dōnyū to kōjō kigo no sentaku: genmai yushutu kara hakumai yushutu he (Introduction of modern technologies and selection of size of the factory in the rice-milling industry in Cochinchine: Export of brown rice to white rice) Ajia Keizai 47.7 (2006), pp. 2-27; and “Gendai betonanamu nōgyō ni okeru keiei kibo no kakudai to sono koyō kyūshūryoku” (Expansion of management and its capacity to absorb labor in agriculture of modern Vietnam) in Shozo Sakata ed. Kōdo seichō ka no betonamu nōson nōgyō, JETRO Asia Institute of Developing Economies, 2013.


B.A from Tohoku University, M.A. and Ph.D. (Economics) from Hitotsubashi University. Before coming to Tokai University, Takahashi was research associate at Institute of Economics, Hitotsubashi University.

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