This project comprises of two research units, historical database unit for historians and spatial analysis unit for hydrologists and meteorologists.

濱下 武志 / Takeshi Hamashita

Oriental Library, Research Section, Section Leader

濱下 武志 / Takeshi Hamashita

Research interests in this project

Hamashita’s goal in this project to reconstruct the socio-economic dynamics of Yangzi river basin in terms of the circulation system of water. For that purpose, he is examining the China Maritime Customs publications from the hydrological and the economic perspectives.

Field of research

Hamashita’s research field lays in the economic history of east Asia, history of China Maritime Customs, and the history of overseas Chinese. His main publications includes Kakyō, kajin to chūkamou (Overseas Chinese, ethnic Chinese, and Chinese networks), Iwanami shoten, 2013; and Chūgoku kindai keizaishi kenkyū (Modern Chinse economic history), Khūko shoin, 1989.


B.A. (1972) and M.A. (1978) from the University of Tokyo. Prior to the current position at the Oriental Library (2011), Hamashita held the positions at Department of Economics, Histotsubashi University, the Institute of Advanced Asian Studies, the University of Tokyo, the Center of Southeast Asia, Kyoto University, and Faculty of International Studies, Ryukoku University

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