This project comprises of two research units, historical database unit for historians and spatial analysis unit for hydrologists and meteorologists.

木越 義則 / Yoshinori Kigoshi

Nagoya University, Graduate School of Economics, Professor

木越 義則 / Yoshinori Kigoshi

Research interests in this project

Kigoshi is analyzing shipping and trade of the major port cities in Asia in relation to the contemporary climate data.

Field of research

Kigoshi’s research interest lays in Chinese economic history and economic history of east Asia. He has been focusing on quantitative analysis of historical database drawn out of the contemporary source materials such as trade statistics. His main publication, Kindai chūgoku to kōiki shijōken: Kaikan tōkei ni yoru makuro teki apurōchi (Modern China and Integrated Market Areas: Macro-approach based upon China Maritime Customs statistics), Kyōto daigaku shuppankai, 2012 quantitatively explores the development of modern Chinese economy in terms of its relationship with the global economy by examining China Maritime Customs trade statistics. Kigoshi currently analyzes the history of customs which combined the statistics as well as forms the database of shipping intelligence.


B.A. (1999), M.A. (2001), and Ph.D. (Economics, 2008) from Kyoto University. After serving as associate professor at Osaka Sangyo University, Kigoshi has taught at Graduate School of Economics, Nagoya University since 2015.

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