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    Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference 2023-Boston, 16-19 March 

2023年3月16日~19日にボストンで開催されるAssociation for Asian Studies(AAS)Annual Conferenceにて、本プロジェクトのメンバーがパネルセッションを組織し、口頭発表を行います。

  • Date&Time: 2023年3月18日(土)17:45~19:15
  • Session: “Environmental Data and Socioeconomic History of Monsoon Asia in the 19th and the Early 20th Century”
  • Chair: Tomoko Shiroyama, The University of Tokyo
  • Discussant: Sumit Guha, University of Texas, Austin
  • Papers:
    Rainfall and Malaria: Re-Examination of Socio-Environmental History of Colonial Southeast Asia Based on Climatological Data
    Atsushi Ota, Keio University

    The 1931 Yangzi River Flood: Spatiotemporal Analysis of the Calamities in Hubei ProvinceWater Circulation System of Yangzi River: From a Perspective of Chinese Maritime Customs Records
    Chang Liu, University of Tokyo, Tomoko Shiroyama, University of Tokyo

    Variations in the Distribution of Solar Radiation in Japan during the Tempo Famine Period As Reconstructed Using Historical Weather Records
    Mika Ichino, National Institute for Informatics



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